Geek Still Life

Early sketch this week because Saturday is Talk Like a Pirate Day and, as the self-proclaimed liaison between the air pirates' world to ours, Friday has something different.

After I drew the fan art, I wanted to draw something that wasn't a face. I also wanted to try something with complicated shading, as that was the most difficult thing for me to ink properly. So I went and got my dice bag.

Of course it wasn't enough for me to draw just the dice bag. I had to find something that went along with it. Unfortunately, I've given away my D&D books, so instead I found the next best thing.


Natalie Whipple said...

Really good! The dice look *great*! And the precision on the lettering is pretty awesome.

MattyDub said...

The d10 and d12 look fantastic. It's a pity that's the cover you have for LotR though, as its complexity detracts from the dice bag. I suggest you set up a new still life: keep the dice bag, but scatter some cheetos/chips, pencils, cups around. Make it look like the aftermath of a D&D session.
This isn't fair, you know. There's not one thing I can do that you can't do better than I. And you can do other things that I can't do. Well, maybe my extra years of practice have made me a better programmer than you - but who cares about that?

Adam Heine said...

I care about that.

And anyway, you're also better at guitar and Spanish and Japanese and trivial pursuit and raising awesome curly-haired little girls and shaggy dogs named after Hobbits (or any dogs really -- I'm terrible to Thorn) and probably 100 other things I'm not even aware of not having lived near you for 4.5 years.

Plus, you know, you can be good at anything if you really want to.

Hepius said...

Great sketch. Brought a lot of memories back to me. I have many fond memories of my favorite D+D characters.