Editing Services

Whether you're writing for self-publishing, traditional publishing, games, crowdfunding, or something else, I can help your work be the very best it can be. I've written professionally for over a decade and edited professionally since 2017 for both professional firms and private clients.

My specialization is novels, especially speculative fiction (fantasy, sci-fi, etc.), but I'm experienced editing a wide variety of texts, including short stories, tabletop RPGs, query letters, or even academic dissertations (seriously). Whatever you've written, I can help you bring it to its fullest potential.

My services and rates are described below. If you're not sure what you need or you're looking for something different, I'm happy to discuss your options with you.

Whether you have questions or want to get started, e-mail me at adamheine@gmail.com.

You can also take a look at some of the projects I've worked on and what my clients have to say about me in Projects and Testimonials.

Services and Rates
Rate for 10,000 words
Editorial Letter
Fast, cheap, effective feedback

Detailed editorial letter discussing strengths, weaknesses, and potential solutions.

Good if you're on a budget or just want high-level feedback.
Dev EditIn-depth, high-level feedback

Detailed comments throughout the manuscript addressing the big picture—plot holes, characterization, world-building, voice, structure, etc.

Good if you're preparing for revisions and want your manuscript to have a strong foundation.

Includes Editorial Letter
Line EditIn-depth, sentence-level editing

Detailed comments and suggestions throughout the manuscript to bring sentence-by-sentence polish and clarity to your writing.

Good if you've completed your revisions and want to polish your manuscript for whatever is next.

Includes Proofread
ProofreadMeticulous error correction

Detailed error correction to ensure your entire manuscript is free from objective mistakes.

Good for when your manuscript is complete and ready for publishing.
All of the AboveFull edit, including developmental and sentence-level feedback

Developmental editing and line editing all at once, with detailed comments and suggestions throughout the manuscript.

Good if you want the maximum blast of information without paying for multiple edits.

Includes Dev Edit and Line Edit (which also includes Editorial Letter and Proofread)
Sample EditFull edit on a small section

Developmental editing and line editing all at once on the first 1,000 words of your manuscript.

Good to ensure you're comfortable with my services before committing more.

E-mail me at adamheine@gmail.com to get started!

Additional Consultation Available

For all of my services, I remain available afterwards via email to clarify my feedback at no extra charge, but sometimes, that's not enough. Maybe you want to discuss your publishing options. Maybe you want feedback on some revision ideas. Or maybe you just want to discuss my feedback in person.

Whatever it is, I will meet with you for one hour after completing my edit as an additional consultation. This is your time, so we can discuss whatever you want. We can talk via video, audio only, or live chat—whatever you're most comfortable with.

This consultation is available for an additional $40 with any of the services above.