Paying It Forward, as Requested

This unscheduled post is a shameless method to improve my chances at winning Elana Johnson's Pay It Forward Query Critique Contest.

Shameless, but worth it. Elana's offering the query critique services of five fabulous agents (plus a bunch of other prizes, including some super-size Post-Its that I couldn't get in Thailand if I wanted to).


Victoria Dixon said...

Hi, Adam! So are you writing fantasy with an Asian feel?

Saw your remark on Elana's post and thought I'd say hello. :)

Adam Heine said...

Hey, Victoria. I've got a couple novels in the works. The one I'm (hopefully) about to query is a fantasy world with air pirates. It has cultural elements stolen from Asia, but I wouldn't say it has an Asian feel.

The next one though (The Cunning in the sidebar) is about a Thai village girl hunted for her strange powers, and it takes place entirely in Thailand.

So to answer your question: yes? I guess? Thanks for stopping by! :-)

Victoria Dixon said...

Very cool. Feel free to drop by my blog sometime. My fantasy is set in an alternative world version of China. :)