The First Transport is Away!

The real catalyst for beginning to write here is that I recently (just yesterday) sent out the first batch of queries to agents for my novel, Travelers. About five years ago, I decided that if I really wanted to write a novel, then I needed to do it - if only to prove to myself that I could. I had two story ideas at the time: one about air pirates and the other about time travelers. I liked the air pirates idea better, so I figured I'd learn to write with the one I liked less.

Writing is freaking hard. I'm sure that will be its own post later. About a year ago I finished a draft of Travelers, and sent it to a couple of friends to read. A couple of months ago I began revising based on their input and now, though the novel is not perfect (they never are, just as George Lucas), I figured I needed to just start sending it out and seeing what happened.

And hurray! I already have my first two for-real rejection letters! Now, I'm not dumb. I've researched this business as best as I could from my desk, and I know the reality of rejections. What I didn't know is that, no matter how ready you think you are for it, it still bugs. It's like a mosquito bite. I know it's better to ignore it, but I can't stop thinking about them!

But if I don't stop thinking about them, then I'll never be able to get back to work on the air pirates story, which (as anyone will tell you) is the only productive thing to do after sending out queries.

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MattyDub said...

Air piracy - is there nothing it can't solve?