I'm finding myself going through some of the same motions with this blog as I did when I first began Itsara. The original purpose was because I had a lot to say on religion or writing. For both blogs, there was a second purpose to keep people updated on the progress of moving to Thailand or getting published.

And with both, I wanted people to read it. Not just people I knew, but people I didn't as well - lots of people. So I find myself on other, similar sites, wanting to comment for the link exposure (but knowing enough not to comment just for that), and trying to find people who will link to me.

And both times, I find myself wondering who I'm writing to and why. Who cares about my thoughts on Heaven or blogging?* With this blog it's even worse because a small part of me started this as a place to promote books that I haven't published yet, and may never publish. How presumptuous is that? (Though maybe in a few years I'll look back and claim it was just good planning).

What's the answer? Take a deep breath, I guess, and just write. Like Itsara, I just need to write posts at a steady rate - not too fast and not to slow. If I have nothing to write about, just talk about what's going on. Eventually my writing will stabilize itself and find its own purpose. And maybe when I start my third blog (which will either be a web comic or a bid for the presidency), I'll know what to expect in terms of starting things up.

* Watch out for that link. It's recursive.


MattyDub said...

I'd prolly vote for you. What is your position on tax credits for board games and musical instruments?
To know whether I'd read your webcomic, I'll need to see some sample strips. Hint. Hint.

Matthew MacNish said...

I would read your webcomic.