The War of Art, II

From David Mack's Kabuki: The Alchemy. (Read Part I).

Part II of VI:
I come to realize that writing is
like physical exercise. What counts
is how much you can do after you
think you are done.
Then the real challenge begins.
If you push through the barriers
of your comfort zone, you hit
a second wind.

It is mostly just showing up
and doing it that counts.

Sometimes it is painful.
You may want to do something else.
And you can think of infinite
reasons to stop.

I discover "The Power
of Positive Doing".
Positive thinking is great.
It is a nice first step.
But if you don't do the
"Positive Doing",
it only takes you so far.

Read part III.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for putting the link to this on my blog post today, Adam! What great advice.

I feel better! And thanks for helping me get some perspective!