Random Sentence Meme

I'm mutating a meme for writers (don't worry if you're not a writer, I still have instructions for you below):
  1. Open up your current work in progress. If you have no WIP, go to step 3.
  2. Leaving it in its current formatting, copy the 5th sentence on page 21, and paste it into the comments of this post. If your WIP does not have 21 pages, go to the last page divided by 2 (round up).
  3. If you have no WIP, use the 21st page/5th sentence of the book you are currently reading.
  4. If you are not currently reading a book, then get off the internet right now and read one.


Adam Heine said...

"Those are his words, aren't they."

I'm going to cheat (shut up, it's my meme) and add the 4th sentence of that page, because it's more interesting: "Your father sent you here cuz you're a lazy, good-for-nothing lump who forgets to even eat 'less somebody tells him to."

Anonymous said...

Zoƫ became acutely aware of the warmth of his hand and the pleasant tingling she felt from touching his skin.

Ahem. Yes. Well.

Unknown said...

"Katrien twisted back and forth watching the ivory silk twirl around her frame, accenting her growing feminine curves."

Natalie Whipple said...

From cyborgs, currently at 3 pages, hehe.

"As I popped it open and grabbed the sandwich, I noticed a new glittering chip in Lani’s wrist console."

Adam Heine said...

Nixy, Stina, Natalie. These are awesome. Thanks for sharing. It's fun to see people's raw prose and imagine the stories that must exist around them.

MattyDub said...

I don't have a WIP. I am in the middle of several books right now. Here is the relevant sentence from one of them:
"Three lines are printed."
What page-turner has that gem in it, you ask? None other than "sed & awk" - the 2nd edition, natch!

Adam Heine said...

Aw, Matty. You're just saying that cuz you know I'll appreciate it :-)

Captain Hook said...

"The camera operator's eyes widened until Cassie thought they would fall right out, then he hustled off, returning moments later with Frank."

Julie Weathers said...

“I don’t think I’ve been given a choice.”

Interesting exercise.


The Wannabe Scribe said...

"The man’s right cheek looked flushed and bruised just below his cheekbone; a burn mark caused by an ion baton and now nicely matched by the swelling colour in his other cheek."

This great stuff from everybody.