Fan Art

I'm sure most of you haven't noticed but (a) I'm giving you more than one sketch a week and (b) I haven't been uploading "What I Drew This Week." Part of that is I'm still evaluating this whole show-people-my-sketches thing, so I'm just trying things out. The other part is that I haven't finished a sketch for a few weeks, so in lieu of showing the current one, I'm sort of catching you up on what I've been drawing since I decided to draw (>=) once a week.

The first is a piece of fan art I drew for Natalie Whipple's Relax, I'm a Ninja (for which she now has an agent, if you hadn't heard). Readers of Natalie's blog may remember a couple months ago when she found the perfect actor for Tosh. Well that's who I drew. I love this sketch. Every time I look at it I go, "Woah. I drew that?"

The second piece of fan art is for my daughter, Lutiya. If you don't already know, my wife and I live in Thailand where we take in children who have nowhere to go. Lutiya is one such child and has been with us for 2.5 years now. (I recently wrote about Lutiya on our other blog, if you're interested).

This was my first try at inking. Personally, I like the pencil a lot better, but of course I have more practice with pencil. I'm going to keep inking things for a while and see what I learn. If nothing else, the inked sketches last longer.


Natalie Whipple said...

I still love that drawing of Tosh. Pen is soooo hard for portraits, so good on ya for even trying.

Davin Malasarn said...

Very nice! I used to do ink drawing. Like you, I'm better with a pencil, but as soon as I gave myself permission to be looser with a pen, I made some drawings that I liked. Ink and brush was fun for me too.

Anne Lang Bundy said...

Be sure to show us what you do with the pen. The pencil shows the additional practice. I'll enjoy seeing the pen when you get to the same place, because your talent is evident.

If I could draw like this I'm not sure I would write. "A picture's worth a thousand words ..."

cindy said...

love these! and i love the pastels too. you're really stretching and exploring. so awesome! art is therapy!! keep going!

Adam Heine said...

Thanks, Cindy! And I totally agree. When I remember it's not about being perfect or impressing people, art is totally therapy :-)