That Thing Where I Draw: Caption Contest!

I got stressed out about what to draw this week. This happens every once in a while when I feel like I need to be perfect or impress you. I forget I'm just doing this for fun. The way I solve that is by drawing whatever the heck I want without caring so much about quality.

I've also decided to do a little contest. This sketch begs for a caption. Give it one. The funniest one will win either (A) a drawing of their choice or (B) a query/sample pages critique. Details after the sketch.

  • Entries must be posted in the comments.
  • You may make as many entries as you like.
  • Contest will close Tue, Nov 24 at 11 pm PST.
  • The drawing may be pencil, ink, colored pencil, or pastels. Your choice, or you can leave it up to me.
  • The critique may be a query letter, sample pages, or both, up to about 6 pages.

You can see samples of my drawing here. I promise I'll take extra care with the contest winner's sketch. Not like today's sketch, something more like this, this, or this. As for the critique, I'm no agent, but I'm not new to this either. I'll do a good job with that too.

Anyway, it's free and for fun. Get over it.

That last paragraph was for myself.


Natalie Whipple said...

So I totally love this drawing! It makes me smile. I have no caption as of yet, but I will try to think of one before the deadline:)

Sara Raasch said...

Gandalf: "At least I'm not losing to a Hobbit."

Hm...I'll think of more and get back to ya :)

Cap'n Heine said...

"The way this guy is hoarding those chips, you'd think they were made of gold or something."

"This guy sure is dragon his feet on this bet."

"Weren't WE supposed to be slaying HIM?"

"I TOLD you challenging him to a game of Dragon Poker was a bad idea."

"I thought we agreed we weren't going to tell Smaug about our poker nights anymore."

Asea said...

Are you done cleaning out his hoard yet? I don't know how much longer I can hold out...

AM said...

"He's bluffing. He always smokes at the nostrils when he has a good hand."

Andrew Heine said...

"Alright, he's all in. Time to get the ring out, little buddy."

Larissa said...

"Go get the virgin, I think I just heard his stomach growl."

"Fold! Fold! This is an antique table!"

Sara Raasch said...

"I thought it was the Year of the Ox, not the Year of the Dragon."

Man, I'm having a hard time topping my Gandalf one. It makes me giggle.

Oh! More Gandalf ones:

Gandalf: "I TOLD you we should never play characters from Eragon."

Gandalf: "I'm only letting him win because I agreed to let him in the 3rd movie if he lost. And I already signed on those giant eagles. It'd get bloody."

Adam Heine said...

You guys are making this hard :-)