That Thing Where I Draw: Kauai

(If you missed it, the contest winner(s) were announced here).

I love Kauai. It's probably my favorite place in the world. If money and my calling were no object, that's where I'd live. This is from a picture I took once. On top of the mountains they've got all this swamp, and boardwalks all the way through it. It's beautiful as heck. I tried it with pastels.

It came out somewhat more impressionist than I intended (abstract? modern? Let it not be said that I know anything about classical art styles). There was so much detail, so many colors, that I just had no idea what to do with it all. So hooray for experimentation!


Sara Raasch said...

The boardwalk is so realistic! I feel like I could walk right out over the swamp. Awesome!

AM said...

What a noble calling and a beautiful drawing. I am even more jealous that I did not win. %^)

Thanks for sharing the link to your website. The children look very happy. May you and your wife's endeavors always be blessed.