Japanese Game Shows

This post is entirely the fault of Natalie Whipple, who with a single YouTube link, got my family to spend all Saturday morning watching Japanese game show videos.

I love these things. You just don't get game shows like this in the States (even when they're taken directly from Japan). I think it's a combination of wacky challenges, insane costumes, and contestants who aren't afraid to ham it up, even if it means losing. Watch and enjoy.
  1. In which contestants wearing bug costumes must navigate a scooter through a narrow passage. Try and figure out what their punishment is.
  2. In which men in suits must charge up a treadmill, eat four cookies, and get to the end before time runs out.
  3. My personal favorite, in which contestants must position themselves to squeeze through oddly-shaped holes in a moving wall.
  4. In which players must successfully swing over a rolling log and onto a floating platform, while wearing the worst costumes imaginable.
  5. A combination of 2 and 4, in which contestants must swing onto a moving treadmill, grab a platform, jump OFF said platform to grab another rope so they can land on the floating goal. (I'm not sure, but I think they put something in the water on these last two. Some of those contestants seem to be reacting to more than just cold.)


Asea said...

These are hillarious, indeed! I am now trying to talk my 4 brothers who are engineers into building number 3...

Who needs to download pirated films when there are Japanese game shows on YouTube? ;-)

Erin MacPherson said...

I ADORE Japanese game shows... so hilarious!! Thanks for the links!