Answers (and...nothing, just answers)!

Susan Kaye Quinn asks: Katniss or Hermione?

Cool as Katniss is, I think she'd be a bit too crazy for me. Plus I gotta go with the book girl, even if she is a bit pretentious about it. Hermione.

maine character says: Your bio says you were a software engineer. Which OS do you prefer, what software do you use for your writing, and can you hack me a ticket to the Super Bowl?
I was a software engineer. I've worked on every OS that matters (okay, that's not true; I've never worked on Haiku, for example). Mac OS is the prettiest and most fun to use. Linux is the cheapest and most versatile. But Windows always wins out as a compromise between price and pretty.

For writing, I'm content with my archaic combination of MS Word, Notepad, and actual paper (the latter usually for maps).

And lastly, if by "hack" you mean "sell you one I got off of e-Bay," then sure!

Matthew MacNish asks: Have you seen Eden of the East? It's an Anime my daughter got me into recently.
I have not. Though the premise looks interesting. Is it good and can I (legally) stream it online?

Myrna Foster asks: Do you raise any of your own food?
Um, sort of. We share land with our friend who is much better at the whole growing-stuff-to-eat-it thing. The only food I really use from our yard is holy basil which, honestly, looks and acts exactly like a weed, except delicious.

Erik Winter asks: What about your day-to-day will change if Air Pirates becomes a massive success?
Is it sad that I think about this all the time? I want to say, "Very little." Taking care of all these halflings is more than a full-time job already, and I can't/don't want to step it down much. On the other hand, the internet has proven AWESOME for connecting with people, and a lot of the halflings will start school in the next year or two. We'll see. I'll work on a "regular" success first though, and build up from there.

"Anonymous" asks: Where are you taking your wife on your date next week?
I'm thinking Coach's Pizza, where maybe we can watch season 2 of The LXD. Sound good, Beautiful?

Boy that's going to be awkward if you're not who I think you are.

K. Marie Criddle asks: Of all the Joss Whedon ladies out there, which one would frighten you the most if you crossed her the wrong way?

This lady:


Susan Kaye Quinn said...

River is flat awesome. :)

Matthew MacNish said...

Because it's available for free, I would say yes, worth watching. I liked the feature film better than the series. My problem is that because I was first exposed to Anime in the early 90s, by Akira, nothing ever really amazes me. Or, even if it's good, I'm always like "this isn't quite Avatar," or even "this is good, but not quite Naruto."

Sarah Ahiers said...

I'm glad matt answered, because i also had the same questions

Steve MC said...

Thanks for the answers - I'm a Word guy, too.

And thanks also for the offer for the Super Bowl tickets, but I got myself a pair just in time for the big day. And free shipping, too!

Anonymous said...

I read CHIME by Franny Billingsly last week and one of the characters I kept referring to as River in my head, cause she acted almost exactly like River. :)

vic caswell said...


K. Marie Criddle said...

I second the "Fear the River and Hope She's on Your Side" sentiment. :)