Question Time (and INCARNATE Giveaway Winner!)

The winner of my INCARNATE giveaway is...

Myrna Foster! Congratulations, Myrna. E-mail me with an address and preferred edition (hardback, Kindle, Nook book, etc), and I will get your copy of INCARNATE to you, post-haste!

The rest of you: go buy your own!

Also IT'S QUESTION TIME! Ask me anything you want in the comments -- serious or silly, professional or totally inappropriate, about writing or Thailand or who would win in a fight between the Emperor and the Lord Marshal. Seriously, WHATEVER. They will be answered next week.

For example: "Q: Adam, who were the other finalists in the giveaway?"

A: I'm glad you asked! Here they are:
  • "What kind of defense mechanism is this? A giant cat comes and we turn into YARN?"  -- K.D.Aziz
  • "Ninja Cat skill #2: camouflage."  -- Lori M Lee
  • "I've got him!  Run, run, run!"  -- Angela Brown
  • "The humans told me yarn was for playing. The humans lied."  -- Lexie B.  
  • "It's on my back, isn't it?"  -- Myrna Foster


Susan Kaye Quinn said...

Ah, I should have known that one was from Angela! :) And Myrna, you totally rock!!

Q: Katniss or Hermione?

Steve MC said...

Your bio says you were a software engineer.

Which OS do you prefer, what software do you use for your writing, and can you hack me a ticket to the Super Bowl?

Matthew MacNish said...

Have you seen Eden of the East? It's an Anime my daughter got me into recently.

Myrna Foster said...

Thank you!

Do you raise any of your own food?

Erik Winter said...

What about your day-to-day will change if Air Pirates becomes a massive success?

Anonymous said...

Where are you taking your wife on your date next week?

K. Marie Criddle said...

Of all the Joss Whedon ladies out there, which one would frighten you the most if you crossed her the wrong way?