Secret Hobbies

Name both these movies, and you win my eternal esteem.
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I am not a dancer, not by any twisted aerial of the imagination. But I do watch a lot of dance media: Shall We Dance, You Got Served, Stomp the Yard, all four Step Up movies, every single episode of So You Think You Can Dance...

I'm not sure how this happened (I married a dancer), but I regret nothing. Some of these guys are fricking superheroes with what they can do.

So what's your secret hobby?


Matthew MacNish said...

Is that Gregory Hines in the leg warmers?

I'm a great dancer. I can DJ a little, and scratch records. I can barely draw. I can juggle. I'm a bit of a writer.

Steve MC said...

No idea on the woman, but with the guy I thought it Footloose until I looked more closely and saw how he looks like Napolean Dynamite.

And my secret hobby is keeping my secret hobby a secret. : p

Anna said...

I'm guessing it's Center Stage and Napoleon Dynamite.

Rena said...

At first I thought the chick might be from flash dance, but all of her scenes on point have her wearing leg warmers, in which case, I don't know.

My secret hobby is hockey, my other secret hobby is watching Dance Academy, have you seen it? AWESOME and on netflix.

Sarah Ahiers said...

Center Stage and Napolean Dynamite.


I recognized them both right away

Adam Heine said...

Anna and Sarah got it! I am very impressed. Not many people have seen Center Stage (or seen it enough to recognize that particular pose).

Myrna Foster said...

My "secret hobby" that people have the strongest reaction to is writing. I'm not secretive about it, but (when I'm not online) I don't talk about it much, either. Some of my friends and extended family read my blog, though, and when they ask me how TBW is going or congratulate me on selling another poem, other people feel left out and start asking awkward questions.

Hmm. A hobby that you don't know about: I like to make (and eat) pies. I even invented a pomegranate custard pie for Star Swans.

And I think it's great that you can talk dance with your wife. I have to be able to talk sports with my husband, and he knows what words like "query" and "synopsis mean. Or at least he pretends that he does. ;o)