Status of the Update

For those of you who don't read every single one of my Facebook posts (it's cool; even my wife doesn't read them), here's a quick rundown of what's going on and where.

I sent Ninjas off to my agent. You probably know this. She's still reading it, but I'm naively hoping she likes it and wants to start submitting like really, really soon. Cuz getting published (and paid) would be rad.

I went to California. I spoke at my church, had meals with a quarter bazillion people, played and occasionally acquired new games, and then spent a week at inXile HQ where...

I got promoted to Torment's Design Lead. That does not mean I'm in charge of the whole thing (thank God; Colin's still Creative Lead (making sure the story, characters, writing, etc. are awesome) and Kevin's still the Project Lead (making sure the game actually gets done)). It does mean I'm in charge of the game's rules, systems, interfaces, and other designy tidbits. It's pretty much the same stuff I was doing before, except with higher expectations and less ability to blame others when things go wrong. Should be fun.

I watched like 8 movies/shows on the plane trip back. And I have determined that Disney's The Lone Ranger is stupid. BBC's Sherlock, however, is intelligently awesome.

I got home. Wherein I've played a bunch of games with the boys, given out cheap American candy, seen Catching Fire with the wife, and done very little work (except the work of getting over jet lag, which is ongoing).

Tomorrow I plan to play Wasteland 2, write >= 500 words (I've lowered my standards, for reasons), and entertain a 3-year-old tyrant. Among other things.

What have you been up to?


Aurora Smith said...

I havn't seen the lone ranger but the fact that his has Johnny in it and I've hardly heard anything about it after it came out makes me think you're probably right. Same with After Earth, with Will Smith and his son.

Susan Kaye Quinn said...

It made me so sad that Lone Ranger was abysmal. But not everything Johnny Depp does can be made of magick, I suppose.

Congrats again on going to the next level at inXile! Not that I'm the least surprised.

"I sent Ninjas off to my agent" totally gave me images of Kai and his brothers stealthing through NYC. ;)

Sarah Ahiers said...

That doesn't surprise me about the Lone Ranger. But Sherlock is indeed awesome and Catching Fire was badass (a nice step up from the first movie)
I'm crossing my fingers on Ninjas for you.

Myrna Foster said...

I've been meaning to watch BBC's Sherlock, and I've been on the fence about Catching Fire. I loved The Hunger Games, though. My only beef with the first movie was that Katniss couldn't sing, but my having only one real issue with a book adaptation is kind of amazing. I'll probably watch all of them.

I just did a quick finger crossing for Ninjas.

Matthew MacNish said...

Still have not seen Catching Fire but do hear good things. I did see Thor 2, which was very good (more Asgard and more Heimdall makes anything better in my book).

I'm reading The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland in a Ship of Her Own Making, which is breathtaking.

I'm critiquing manuscripts, polishing Ruby Ridge and still drafting secret scary project.

And amazingly enough, I haven't played a video game in weeks. My Xbox live account was hacked, and having been unable to fix it with three hours on the phone one night,I've temporarily given up on caring.

Sherlock is fantastic, probably the best thing on Television right now, though it takes far too long for new episodes to come out (I blame Peter Jackson) and although my kid adores him, I don't much care for Jim Moriarty.

Sarah Allen said...

Wow, lots of great stuff! As for me, just getting ready to spend Christmas with the family. Very excited!

Sarah Allen
(From Sarah, With Joy)

Jack said...

That is exciting about the agent! I hope she likes it and it is published because I'd love to read one of your books.

And that is exciting about the promotion thing, I hope it goes well for you.

I agree about both The Lone Ranger and Sherlock. From what I could hear, The Lone Ranger seemed to have a couple funny lines - I saw it but it was at the drive in and I had cruddy speakers - but over all I wasn't impressed. Sherlock, on the other hand, is amazing.