Torment Game Modes?

From the AMA pile, Arumaxx89 says:
As you said, you want neither to encourage nor prohibit save scumming.
So I want to ask you a question: "Will there be different game modes in T:ToN?" (like, for instance, trial of iron in pillars of eternity or ironmode in XCOM)

We haven't finalized our game modes yet by any means, but we are tentatively planning some sort of ironman/permadeath mode. Of course "permadeath" doesn't mean as much to a tough-to-kill castoff of the Changing God, but it would mean something for your companions.

And it would mean your choices and failures were irreversible. By itself, I guess this wouldn't be too bad in Torment, where we are trying to make failure states worth continuing through anyway. But even though most things won't kill the Last Castoff, he's not immortal. There are things that can happen in the Ninth World that can wipe out even a castoff, and some of those things are hunting you...


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Surface Reflection said...

If i may suggest a few...

If there would be a difficulty mod that would disable saving and or healing in combat that would be grand.

I was also thinking about a game mode where you can save only in safe areas, but im not sure how much sense that would have in the world of TToN since combat will be rare and specific so most places could be considered safe.

Or could they?
Maybe something along those lines, being able to save only in specific resting or healing or otherwise friendly places.

That would be a nice addition between ironman mode and other ones i think.