March Update

I've got a writing tips post for you next week, but here's where things stand with me now:
  • I'm writing dialogue for a game I can't announce yet (but will as soon as I'm allowed). There should be a reveal trailer soon, though I don't expect the actual game to be done for several months or more.
  • I'm writing a gamebook-as-mobile-app (I'm doing the writing and choice design; the publisher is doing the systems design and actual functionality). So far, I've turned in three chapters out of ten. I hope to have it all done within two to three months, at which point... we'll see.
  • I recently finished a crapload of big editing projects (hence the silence here), which is kind of nice because I feel like I don't have to worry about money for a few weeks. Some of them are exciting too, like a major RPG rulebook and a couple of tie-in novellas to a major MMORPG.
  • I've been streaming Cuphead (stream is here, archived videos here). This is a ridiculously hard game, folks, but it's fun to be forced to work my way through it in public. I've also recently streamed Portal 1 and 2 with my parents alongside me and River City Ransom: Underground with my family and friends.
  • My brother roped me in to Sea of Thieves, and although I don't have a lot of time for it, I'm awfully glad he did. I love everything about it so far, but nothing more than concertinas and hurdy-gurdies.
Image result for sea of thieves hurdy gurdy
I know there are a lot of vagueries in those earlier bullet points, but that's because there are a lot of NDAs in those bullet points. I have a feeling I'll be announcing a lot of things all at once one of these days. Until then, vagueries are what you get.

So how are things with you?


Cap'n Heine said...

I roped you into Sea of Thieves? I remember you being just as excited as I am about it when I asked if you'd heard of it. :) I'm glad we've been able to find time to play together and am super curious about what plans they have for it in the future.

Adam Heine said...

Okay, yes, admittedly I had a deep foundation of excitement for it when you asked me. But I never would've played if you hadn't. I've never played a co-op, voice-chat MMO nor had any interest in doing so (I still don't—I only want to play Sea of Thieves alone or with friends, not randos), and the last time I bought a game that cost more than $20 (or bought a game on release, for that matter) was in 2004.