AMA: Adapting Numenera to a CRPG (and what that means)

Thomas said: 
A lot of Numenera's rules seem to be designed around a push-pull between the players and the GM. Are you finding that difficult to adapt to a cRPG where the "GM" is static content that is predetermined?  
This question I thought would be of broader interest to Torment backers, so it is answered in today's Kickstarter Update.

Steve MC said:
Can you explain the above question before you answer it? 
For my faithful blog readers (who are, perhaps, beginning to feel as though they've been dragged into something beyond their experience or comprehension... which is probably kinda true), first some definitions:
  • Numenera is the tabletop role-playing game (RPG) whose rules and setting we have licensed for Torment: Tides of Numenera.
  • A tabletop RPG is like D&D and is played something like this.
  • GM = gamemaster, the referee of sorts who determines what happens as a result of the things the players try to do.
  • cRPG = Computer RPG, which is basically the same thing as the tabletop except now the computer is the GM.
Hopefully that gives you enough context to already understand the question, but to take it further...

Tabletop RPGs, and Numenera in particular, rely on the imaginations of the players and the GM to collaboratively tell a story. This works because the GM can adapt to anything, even to the point of changing the rules.

In a cRPG, we have to somehow limit the player's options (so we can handle the consequences in a believable and satisfying way) while simultaneously making the player feel like they have freedom of choice in any given situation. It's a tricky wire to walk, and that's what the Q&A is primarily about.

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Matthew MacNish said...

I still have to read your part of the update. Only had time for Colin's last night.

Thomas said...

Thanks for answering my question Adam.

I'm so looking forward to Torment.