Jules Windu

  • The blog says drawing in the subheader.
  • The last drawing I posted was over a year ago.
  • I actually like this sketch.
  • I finished all my work, played games with the kids, and even wrote words today (read: I've earned a post).
  • It's Jedi week at Anthdrawlogy.
  • Samuel Leroy Jackson.


Unknown said...

"Say 'midichlorians' again, I dare you! I double dare you, nerf herder! Say 'midichlorians' one more fraggin' time!"

Unknown said...
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Steve MC said...

I'm watching a documentary on the making the Marvel movie franchise, and they just covered how they changed Nick Fury to look like Samuel Jackson in the comic books, so he was a natural for the role in the movies. Which was the case anyway, but still.

Angela Brown said...

All I could do was smile and nod :-)