Three Truths

Chapters Edited: 12
Scenes Edited: 33
Words Murdered: 2,359 (5.6%)

Times Hagai's life has been threatened: 8
Hagai's brief moments of bravery: 4
People hunting Hagai: 10, plus a pirate crew and the entire Imperial Navy

Fighting monks: 3
Airships destroyed: 5


Only a few of you know me in real life, so we're going to play a game. Below are four facts about me; one of them is a lie. See if you can guess which one.
  1. I am 31 with 7 kids, ages 2 to 17.
  2. Until I was 11, I wanted to be a jet fighter pilot. After that, I wanted to write novels for a living.
  3. I don't drink, don't smoke, don't like coffee, and I only swear when I'm talking to God.
  4. I sometimes play a recurring D&D character named Khad'am - an evil dwarven fighter with the constitution and charisma of a brick wall.
This is just for fun; there's no prize (wouldn't want anyone to feel tricked by my wording or anything). I'll put the answer in the comments on Tuesday night, PST. The answers are in the comments, so make your guess before reading them.

And feel free to play along: put 3 truths and a lie on your own blog, or in the comments. I don't read all of your blogs (sorry), but if you put a link in the comments I'll be sure to pop over and learn some things about you.


Natalie Whipple said...

Hmm, I'm going to guess #3. I can't see you swearing at all.

Also, still loving the stats. 10 AND the Imperial Navy? lol. Awesome.

Nancy said...

I think #2. I don't remember hearing about you wanting to be a fighter pilot or a writer (until you were grown up) but I am only your mom....I didn't know Andrew could read until his first grade teacher told me....

Unknown said...

#2. Wasn't there that spell when you wanted to work on video games...

MattyDub said...

I recuse myself.

Adam Heine said...

Thanks for playing, guys. Or, in Matt's case, thank you for teaching me the word "recuse."


1. TRUTH. Though the 7 kids are not biologically (or even legally in some cases) mine, I very much consider myself their father.

2. LIE. I did want to be a fighter pilot (I believe I have Iron Eagle to thank for that). When I was 11, that dream was replaced with a desire to make video games (spot on, Nathan). I actually never wanted to write novels for a living - when I did want to write, it was on the side. Even now, writing is at best a part-time job.

3. TRUTH. Alcohol, cigarettes, and coffee are, I've been told, an acquired taste, to which my question is: Why would I want to acquire it? I don't swear (though I used to, until a girlfriend asked me to stop) except when I'm angry and talking alone to God; I vent sometimes. It's totally Biblical.

4. TRUTH. Our adventuring party once came across an elf child whose family was killed. In the discussion of how to help her, Khad'am's idea was to walk up to her and say, "I killed your mommy, little girl."