— August 23, 2010 (8 comments)
I feel a little weird just jumping back in with a post on writing, so here are some things I accomplished in the last two weeks:
  1. I did not die. Surprisingly, no one else did either.
  2. I discovered the most awesome Lando Calrissian ever:

  1. My wife and I celebrated our 10th anniversary. We even got to go out!
  2. I learned that no matter how many toys you have, Children A, B, C, and D will always fight over the one Child E has. (I already knew this, but I learned the theorem scales to any number of kids).
  3. J. J. DeBenedictis enriched my life with this tiny, fully-functional cannon.
  4. I discovered this guy's videos. They're kinda hilarious.
  5. I had a weird/awesome dream about Dr. Horrible.
  6. I learned how to say "Don't be bossy" in Thai. Repetition is key.
  7. After a month's forced vacation (that only partially had to do with the new kids), I finally added 2,600 words to Cunning Folk.
  8. I did not hear from a single agent.
There, I hope that's thorough. If it's not, we can do an informal question/answer session in the comments.

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  1. Lando! OMG that was funny. Is it just me, or does "Han" sound like Capt. Reynolds from Firefly?

    Also: repetition is key for most everything with kids.

    You exceed awesome by adding words to your WIP!

    So my question is: Are you really a cyborg from the future? Because it doesn't seem possible that you could do all that and, you know, not have anyone die.


  2. Happy Anniversary! and HOORAY for time with the kids!

  3. I'm glad you didn't die, but I'm sorry about the agents. Maybe they're on vacation? *sigh*

    You've had a busy month.

  4. @Susan: The awesomeness with regards to word count goes to my wife, who still gives me 2 hours a day. I'm not a cyborg, but I might be a clone. We're looking into it.

    @Natalie/aspiring: Thank you!

    @Myrna: Well, except for partials, the last queries I sent out were about 2 months ago. I plan on implementing Air Pirates Plan B very soon.

    @JJ: Very much, yes. So did many of my Facebook friends :-)

  5. I finally added 2,600 words to Cunning Folk.

    You are officially my hero.

    Five kids and he's wondering if he's been thorough enough! I'd be pulling out my hair.

  6. I don't pull out my hair (too short), but I yell more than I'd like.