Sketch: Harkonnens on Hard Times

— April 13, 2011 (9 comments)
So Emmet Blue called me out on my Quick and Dirty fantasy map. He made an educated guess (Indonesia), and now I owe him a sketch. Let that be a lesson to the rest of you: before putting a Google Fantasy Map in your book, maybe rotate it, tweak the coastlines, and don't ask Emmet if he knows where it is.

It's been over two months since I drew anything for you guys, though. Maybe I deserved it.

The commission was, and I quote, "an Elvis-suited Baron Harkonnen singing karaoke while floating at an odd angle, maybe with Sting backing up on bass. That, or whatever that imagery makes you think of." Here's what you get:

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  1. LOL! I have no idea who the Baron is, but it still makes me laugh. :)

  2. Trust Emmet. lol

    Susan-You've got at least watch Dune once to speak guy geek fluently. :)

  3. OMG! Because Sting played Maud'dib in the movie, right? Hilarious!

    Man this is awesome. You rule Adam.

  4. @Carien Geek FAIL! I think I watched the movie a long time ago. Man, I need to polish up my geek card.

  5. @Susan & Carrien: I actually wouldn't recommend watching the movie, at least not the 1984 version. It's both weird and disgusting (though it does have both Sting and Patrick Stewart). I would strongly recommend reading the book, though.

    @Matthew: Sting played the Baron's nephew, Feyd. But yes, you got the reference :-)

  6. I've never seen the movie, but I liked the book. Thanks for the warning because after seeing the pic and reading the comments, I was thinking I'd missed something.

  7. AWESOME. I love it!!

    I first saw Dune in college, watching it at a midnight sci-fi festival. It was fine until the Baron showed up and I couldn't stop laughing. I have never been so collectively scowled at by any other audience. Now it's good to know that others found it as amusing as I did.

    And that is a super rad Sting, by the way.

  8. I laughed when the Baron showed up too! HIGH FIVE!!