On the Probability of Success

— July 01, 2011 (5 comments)
A conversation I had with my wife Cindy the other day:

Cindy: "It's so hot!"
Adam: "We should invent like a portable room with air conditioning and just drive it around."
Cindy: "You mean like a car?"
Adam: "No, no. We'll put a couch in it and a TV or something. We can rent it out!"
Cindy: "Good luck with that, honey. I think you've got a better chance with getting published."
Adam: "Wow. I didn't think the idea was THAT bad."

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  1. Ouch! Though, she may have a point. Why not just get a conversion van with a big TV?

  2. Combine the two, make an air conditioned book-mobile, and go around selling your books.

    Actually, that sounds like a really awful 70's movie.

    Happy Weekend!

  3. My conversation with my wife when she finished reading my book:

    Helen: "Wow, this is good. I can't believe you wrote it."

    Matt: "Ummm... thanks, I think."

    Helen: "I mean, it's like a real book."

    Matt: "You can stop complementing me now."