On Overcoming Phobias

(In which my loving wife tries to reassure me as I leave for the hospital)
Cindy: "How about this? Would you rather get your blood drawn or go to the dentist?"
Me: "That's a mean question."
Cindy: "Well?"
Me: "All right. If it was just a tooth cleaning, then I guess . . . No, the dentist lasts longer."
Cindy: "See?"
Me: "Fine. I'd rather get my blood drawn than go to the dentist. There, I said it."
Cindy: "How about 'Yay! I'm getting my blood drawn!'"
Me: "Don't push it."


vic caswell said...

your wife is awesome!

Emmet said...

No horror movie ever started this way. Why don't you just go to a secluded cabin on a lake with a bunch of unrealistically attractive and stereotyped college students knowing there was a storm on it's way?

Keriann Greaney Martin said...

I feel your pain :)

Myrna Foster said...

I share your phobia. Only I'd rather see the dentist by far.

Angela Brown said...

Have to give it to your wife for trying. How awesome of her and very brave of you :-)

Nancy Thompson said...

Ish! There is absolutely NOTHING worse than going to the dentist!! You could suck blood out of me all day if it meant I didn't have to sit in that dentist chair. *shivers*

And thanks so very much, Adam, for dropping by Matthew's QQQE blog today and leaving me such an exhaustive comment. Your suggestions were fantastic and actually helped me out quite a bit. I think my query is much better now.

Lorice T. said...

What a cute story! I hope your wife could overcome her fear of the dentist. Dental health is crucial to maintain strong, white teeth.

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Anonymous said...

That's hilarious! We should stop traumatizing our children to the point they become afraid to go to the dentist. They might end up just like your wife.

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fredericksburg dentist said...

It's understandable. Many people are afraid of going to a dental clinic to undergo dental procedures like dental extraction, root canal and more. I admit, I was afraid to do that before as well, but I was able to overcome it. Now, I always make sure to visit my dentist at least twice a year for dental check up and prophylaxis.

Michael Johnsons said...

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Valerie Phillips said...

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