Getting better at something is a very, very, slowly, gradually, very, very slow thing

And that's all I have to say about that.

(Totally unrelated, my agent sister Daisy Carter is having a Q&A with our agent on her blog. So if you've got any questions for Tricia Lawrence (and maybe want to win a free book), head on over there!)


Matthew MacNish said...

OT, but did you see that aerial photo I mentioned you in on Facebook? The school that looks like the Millennium Falcon?

On my way to read the post.

Daisy Carter said...

Grass makes me itchy.

Thanks for linking! :)

Rena said...

Yes, that's exactly what writing a novel feels like sometimes. I totally needed this today.

Nancy Thompson said...

My next door neighbor cuts his grass with scissors. Really. That ain't no joke!