Twitter Horror

— September 12, 2012 (8 comments)
So I'm out of First Impact subs. I will continue to accept submissions as they come in (because, hey, one less post to think up), and September will still have a prize because I said it would, but I might not continue the prizes after that. We'll see.

In the meantime, I present to you this true story, told in tweets.

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  1. You must be writing some really cool stories right now. That always sends my unconscious into fits of mania.

  2. BTW, I predict that you KNEW your cat bus hate was going to derail this entire conversation.

  3. Oh, great - thanks for spreading the nightmare.

    Now I'm going to be dreaming of nothing but this sucker clamped to my face.

  4. Oh H.R. Giger did the world a favor by inventing this creature, did he not?

  5. I came here to shame you about the cat bus per matt (also, because i read your blog regularly. Natch) but then got super distracted by how awesome this twitter conversation was. How awesome you ask? *hint: effing awesome*
    Also, hasn't your wife seen Aliens?

  6. Okay that IS FREAKY. My subconscious had forgotten about facehuggers after 20 years of NOT WATCHING THAT MOVIE but now you have revived the horror! And I am intrigued (but worried) about the cat bus. Doesn't sound scary??

    So I see you are counting down the days to Stormdancer too!