8 Things That Are True

— March 01, 2013 (13 comments)
1. There is only one flavor of Pop Tart.

2. Firefly is still on the air. Wash is fine.

3. No one's ever made a live-action version of Avatar. Also I am an Earth Bender.

4. Bacon is good for me.

5. Eventually, my logical, well-supported arguments will convince people I am right.

6. There are only three Star Wars movies, but they might be making a fourth (WE'LL SEE, ABRAMS).

7. Rivendell is real. It looks exactly like this. It's in New Zealand, and I will visit Elrond there someday.

8. All comments that deny these truths will be deleted.

What else is true?

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  1. Eventually, my logical, well-supported arguments will convince people I am right.

    Keep dreaming the good dream, my friend. :)

  2. Another truth: Big Damn Sequel is in production now.

  3. A day is now 25 hours long. The extra hour is only accessible when you're reading. During that time, there is no internet, no phones, no television, and you pop into a bubble where nothing can touch you except for the words you're reading. While there, the rest of the universe stands still out of courtesy.

  4. If Rivendell is in NZ, the Shire is still in England, at least. I know, I visited it!

    And yes, I used your linking yet post to link this!

  5. I agree with all these statements. I had a rock from the river near Rivendell, but I left it in your old house and since it just looks like a rock, I'm guessing it never made the move to your current place...so I will have to go and get my another one someday.

  6. When I die, like George Martin, my head will rest on a pillow in The Last Homely House.

  7. When you get done smoking that, I'll need you to need you to hook me up with your supplier :-)

  8. I'm looking to see if there are two moons in the sky.

  9. I have plenty of time to educate my children, play with them, spend time with my husband, work on my book, work, play video games, and surf the internet, to my heart's content, every day.

  10. With the exception of the brown sugar and cinnamon pop tarts, which my daughter loves, but I can't stand, I agree with you. Oh, you can be an earth bender, but I'm definitely a water bender. 80% ain't bad. LOL

  11. I love all of them, and yes, as a dreamer, I do believe these to be true!

    Carrie :)