Update, August 2017

Hey, guys! If you follow me on Twitter or Facebook, then you probably already know this, but for those who don't: my new game design gig (mentioned in the last post) has ended and I am currently looking for new work.

Being unemployed is weird, but I think I'm through the emotional worst of it (he says, just before his family runs out of money entirely and he discovers new meanings of "worst"). I have a few leads, though nothing concrete yet as of this writing. Honestly, I'm excited at the possibilities, but that's easy to say, isn't it? Possibilities are always exciting.

Here are some other things that are going on:

1) I'm still thankful. Remember that gratitude posting I talked about last year? I'm still doing it, day 257 and counting. And I'm really glad I have been. Not even counting the rotting landfill that is American current events, I've had a number of depressive times in my own life this past year. Forcing myself to literally count my blessings has really helped me get through them.

If my notifications are any indicator, it's helped other people as well. So no worries. I'm gonna keep going.

2) Sea of Souls. Last time, I mentioned a Middle Grade novel tentatively titled Sea of Souls. This novel has been outlined and the outline sent to the person who requested it. We'll see what they think. Me? I'm excited. This novel feels important to me, more so than most things I've written, and I'm anxious to see what comes of it.

3) I'm streaming on Twitch. What's streaming, you ask? Basically, you get to watch me play a game while you and other fun folk chat at me (my family, in particular, is pretty fun to chat with). I've been playing games like Thimbleweed Park, Black the Fall, and Old Man's Journey -- mostly games with strong narratives because that's the kind of thing I enjoy. If you'd like to watch, head over here on US Sunday nights: https://www.twitch.tv/adamheine_th, or you can catch up on old streams at YouTube here: https://www.youtube.com/user/AdamHeine.

(Yes, I realize I stream the same time as Game of Thrones. Whatever.)

I've got some other things going on, but I can't talk about them yet as they're all just possibilities at this point. None of them are guaranteed provision for my family, but they're exciting possibilities with the potential to provide. I'll tell you more when I can.

How are you guys doing? Tell me in the comments.


E.C. Myers said...

Really hope you find some gainful employment soon! You have the skills and you're a great guy who people should enjoy working with, so it's just a matter of the right opportunity coming along. Fingers crossed! I'm also excited about your MG novel, on the basis of the title alone.

Me? Not much going on... I have some stories I'm proud of appearing in the fall in anthologies I'm thrilled to be a part of, but no novel contracts or anything like that in the works. I'm mostly occupied with my Serial Box stories for "ReMade" and kind of enjoying not having massive looming deadlines in my life for longer work—which allows me to enjoy my time with my family a little more. But, I'm starting to feel the itch, so I'm aiming to take a mini-retreat soon to jumpstart a new MG book of my own.

Other than that, I'm enjoying my deep dive back into retro gaming and streaming NES games on YouTube, and it's always fun when my friends and strangers pop in to chat and watch me flounder about in a difficult or broken game :)

It's funny, but I think that streaming video games and saving them for people to view later makes me feel like I'm *making* content, turning a solitary, selfish, inherently non-creative pursuit into something original. Whether it's valuable content is another matter entirely, but it's an interesting compulsion. Hobbies are good.

Adam Heine said...

@E.C. Myers: I enjoy watching your streams! Among other things, it allows me to "play" games that I never had the opportunity to buy when I was a kid. (And I agree with you that permanently saving them feels like I'm actually making something, even if only a handful of people are watching them -- it's more than zero!)

Jenn Reese said...

Wow, I also love the title of your MG project -- I'd read the heck out of that! And I stopped by to watch your stream Sunday night, too, and enjoyed all the chatting. I couldn't stay long, but maybe next time. As for me, I'm trying to break a string of writing unsalable novels with a new adult fantasy novel that I'm supposed to be revising. I've also got a few middle grade ideas in the works, one of which involves cats and archaeology, two of my favorite things. I'll keep my fingers crossed that an awesome new job comes your way very soon.

Unknown said...

I think you're just awesome. You could always come help me teach my son parkour. I don't know it either... We could all learn together!

Steve MC said...

I just checked out your stream of Old Man's Journey and saw the part where someone in your family told you to do a deer. Definitely shows how sharing a game in real time can add to the fun. :-)

Adam Heine said...

@Jenn: Cats and archaeology sounds cool! Good luck breaking your streak!

@Kirstin: Would you pay me for that? And can my family come, too? Can you get us passports and visas?

@Steve: Heh, yeah. The chat definitely went off the rail a couple of times, but that's what makes it fun!