Land of Smiles

To continue Positive Waves Week, I bring you pictures from Thailand, the land of smiles. (If one of these doesn't make you smile, we may need a whole Positive Waves Month until you get better).

I posted this first one a long time ago, back before most of you knew I was here. This ad was in the window of the local Toyota dealership. No, I don't get it either. While it didn't make me want to buy a Toyota, it did make me want to go pirating.

This snack reminded me of a scene from a certain favorite movie. They served it at church. I kept expecting one of the youth to flip out and kill everyone.

E-books have finally come to Thailand! Oh, wait. No. No, they haven't.

Thailand might be behind the curve, but my boys aren't. Here's Nathan and Isaac sporting the latest in steampunk fashion.

You can't see it, but Isaac's shirt says "The animal to pirate". Again, I'm not sure what that means, but I know that boy's going to be swinging from the monkey bars some day with a wooden sword and an eye patch. *snif* I'm so proud!

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Matthew Delman said...

"Fruity Oaty bars/Make a man out of a mouse. Fruity Oaty bars/Make you bust out of your blouse!"

Add in Summer Glau going psycho and you got yourself some good movie-watchin'.

It's either slightly frightening or indicative of how many times I watched that movie that I know the jingle to the commercial.

Adam Heine said...

Have you seen the whole commercial? It's a little freaky:

Matthew Delman said...

It's an extra on the Serenity DVD. Which also has a great interview from His Royal Geek Majesty Joss Whedon where he talks about reading The Killer Angels and how it made him think of the Millenium Falcon "As most things do."

Yes, that man is one of my heroes.

Natalie Whipple said...

I'm smiling:) And thinking of pirates. In my dreams. Happy day!