That Thing Where I Draw Every Week and Then Show It To You: Roast Chicken

(Like my new feature title? It was the best I could come up with.* If you think you can do better, drop your idea in the comments.

I had a hard time deciding what to draw for Positive Waves Week. At first I thought I'd draw something that makes me happy, like a scene from Laputa or something. And I figured copying cartoons is a lot easier than copying from life, cuz all the lines are already there!

Well ten minutes into copying it, I realized I was stressing out. Copying cartoons is just as bad as copying from life; I'll know if it's wrong, and I won't be happy. (I also got a rejection letter during those ten minutes, so that didn't help. More negative waves!).

So I scrapped it and decided I was going to draw whatever the heck I wanted to draw. No reference pictures.** No laboring over every line, angle, and proportion.

I sketched something really fast, intending to go over it with color later and ditch the pencil lines. But when I pulled out the colored pencils, I remembered how that worked out for me the last time and put them away.

I couldn't leave the pencil lines in, so what to do? I remembered our oil pastels. To be fair, they didn't come out so well last time either, but I'd gotten some good tips, and anyway what better time to try new things than the day I decide I don't care!

ALL THAT TO SAY, this is what I drew this week:

And I had a lot of fun. I think I might keep messing with pastels for a while.

(This marks the end of Positive Waves Week at Author's Echo, but if you'd like to send positive waves on your own blog, feel free to drop a link in the comments. I'll follow every one.)

* "Roast Chicken" is what I called today's picture. It's not part of the feature title... though maybe it should be.

** Well, I did use a reference for the chicken.


Matthew Delman said...

The title should actually be "Flambe Chicken." No one's going to want to eat that bird after lava touched it. Just imagine trying to get all the burned parts off!

Either way, the drawing's leagues better than what I'm capable of.

fairyhedgehog said...

I like the picture, especially the sea, and I like the way you've done the edges too.

I don't see a chicken anywhere. It looks like there's a person on the beach.

Positive vibes week was a good idea. I hope you make it a regular event.

Adam Heine said...

Thanks, guy. Hedgehog, those are my favorite parts of the picture too.

And good idea about making it a regular event. I'll keep it in mind next time life throws rocks at me. I expect to be querying again in a few months, so maybe I'll have another one of these then :-)

Adam Heine said...

Guy == guys

Sara Raasch said...

The cliffs are really cool; the shading makes them very realistic!

Total artist envy going on.

Joshua McCune said...

Must appease the gods. Sacrifice the rooster!

Natalie Whipple said...

The water is spot on, Adam. Perfect:) Pastel is definitely a way to have fun! Glad you did!