Shout-Outs, Questions, and a Lack of Blog Awards

— January 11, 2010 (6 comments)
Some of you may have noticed that blog awards never really appear on this site--especially, perhaps, those of you who have given them to me. I want you to know that it's not that I don't appreciate them or anything jerky like that. I don't keep them on the site because I don't like clutter, and I don't often do the tagging thing because I don't post very often; if I let the blog get hijacked for every tag I got, you'd get bored of my posts right quick.

But I do appreciate the sentiment behind the awards, and that's what this post is about. Blog awards serve two purposes: to shout-out the blogs you like and to get to know the writer you sent them to.

So first to the shout-outs. Not counting industry blogs that don't need my pimping, here are some of my favorite blogs to read:

Between Fact & Fiction, Natalie Whipple. She writes about cyborgs, ninjas, dragons, wizards, and steampunk (though no pirates yet, I notice). And she knows what she's doing. You can get great tips here and be the first to know when her agent--THE Nathan Bransford--sells her ninja story for publication (I've read it; you want to).

Free the Princess, Matt Delman. More steampunk (hm, a theme?), good writing tips, plus video games and a fun community. Check him out.

Kiersten Writes, Kiersten White. Author of soon-to-be-released Paranormalcy and very, very funny. This blog is also the home of the curmudgeonly Laptop, who makes me laugh and also want to hug him, a little.

SM Blooding and Crew. A handful of authors at various stages on the road to publication. Good writing advice and fun stories.

See Sara Write, Sara Raasch. An agented writer who DOES write about pirates. Fun to read, and exciting too as she petitions the internet so she can obtain a picture of Philip Winchester wearing an eye patch. (That hyperlink was for you, Sara. Hope it helps him find you.)

There's more, but I'm running out of space to describe them all! So brief (but no less heartfelt) shout-outs to fellow writers/bloggers/friends: Hilary Heskett, Bane of Anubis, Jodi Meadows (former slush reader), Cindy Pon (of Silver Phoenix), Susan Quinn, fairyhedgehog, and Tobias Buckell (of Sly Mongoose, among others). All of you have contributed to simultaneously speeding and delaying my journey to publication. Thank you.

And just cuz your name isn't on here doesn't mean I don't pop by your blog from time to time. I can't keep up with everything, but I will tell you that every time you leave a comment I'm tempted (and frequently succumb) to follow that link to your blog. When I do it enough, and click with what you're writing, I'll stay. I promise.

Gosh, who knew it was so hard to try to appreciate everybody?

ANYWAY, I said blog awards served two purposes, so if you've come this far with me let's get on with the second: getting to know the recipient of the award. I'm opening the floor up to questions which I will answer in future posts. Just like last time, I agree to answer all of them, however nosy, strange, or inappropriate. I agree to answer with the truth when possible (i.e. when I feel like it) and humor otherwise.


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  1. I like your top three blogs and I'm about to go and look at your fourth one.

    Thank for the honourable mention!

    If I think of any questions I'll come back with them later.

  2. Adam, thanks for the shout-out. I'm in the same boat about the award clutter (and the endless chaos loop they create ;).

    One of the coolest/strangest (coincidence-wise) thing about finding your blog is every time I see your location, it makes me think about my first (and so far only :) pubbed short (to be pubbed, actually, in an Apex antho sometime this year), which takes place in Chiang Mai... I wrote it before finding your site, but if I hadn't, I would have picked your brain for geographical details (instead of relying on travelogues and wikipedia).

    Hopefully the setting stands up, but regardless, I always have very fond associations w/ the Author's Echo blog (so don't move :)

  3. If you ever try to hug me, I'll sue.

    Or just zap you with a stray electrical current.

  4. Aw, thanks Adam! I've visited most of these, and I concur with your sentiments:)

  5. It's funny how I'm already a reader of half of the blogs you mentioned (I think half ... must do a recount).

    Good ones to mention, sir.

    Oh, and your recommendation sealed my desire to read Natalie's book (as if the title "Relax, I'm a Ninja" isn't cool enough to warrant it already).

  6. Bane, that's very cool! I'd love to read that story (you know, to see if you got things right ;-).

    Laptop, I...I can't believe you commented on my blog. I'm speechless... Thank you.