That Thing Where I Draw: Reconnaissance

Inspired by night after night of playing Command & Conquer in the UCSD freshman dorms.

So after an unintentional two week hiatus from writing (which I blame on a broken laptop, a gaming friend come to visit, and (to a lesser extent) the birth of Jesus Christ), I finally got back to Air Pirates this week. That's right, Beta Phase II is over and I have begun the fourth (and hopefully final) round of revision before I send it out.

This round of critiques has taught me yet again that I can't please everybody. I think I've told you before about the dual storyline aspect of the novel. Round 1 had folks that liked both storylines as well as folks who loved Hagai's timeline but not Sam's. Well Round 2 has completed the circle, with betas that loved Sam's timeline but were annoyed with Hagai's.

I suppose I could be depressed about this, but honestly it made me laugh. Obviously SOMETHING is right with both sides of the novel. I just need to figure out how to minimize the annoyance for each camp.

And find an agent who loves both, of course.


fairyhedgehog said...

And the picture is you being attacked by your critiquers, or what you'd like to do to them?

Good luck with the final revision. I admire you for getting on with it.

Joshua McCune said...

Makes me think of The Neverending Story and passing between the Sphinxes

KatieGrrr said...

I was about to mention the sphinxes as well.

Matthew Delman said...

Oh Command and Conquer. How I miss thee.

Did you know that newer computers actually won't allow you play those games? I tried to install one on my PC and it said the software was too old or something odd like that.

MattyDub said...

"Nuclear missile ready." - the #1 reason to play with headphones on, especially if you're playing against your roommate.

Adam Heine said...

It is like the sphinxes, isn't it?

Matt D: It's the old DOS-based games that fail (like Crusader: No Remorse *lamentable sigh*). I can still play Torment on Vista, I've discovered.

MattyDub: I still remember the day we learned that lesson.