Notes to Self: In Which I Tell My Inner Editor Where His Advice Can Go

— May 31, 2010 (11 comments)
Last time, I tried to trick my inner editor by writing notes to myself, rather than the "real draft", in the hopes that he wouldn't offer up advice. You may recall, it didn't work.

I got better this time. It turns out writing that post helped me identify when my Editor was sticking his nose in (again, these are my actual notes):

  • Anna and Suriya prepare to go to the airport.
    • Suri wakes. Anna has clothes for her, but they're like Anna's -- short. Suri is embarrassed to wear them. Anna has nothing else. “Besides, you'll look more American.”
    • Anna shows Suri the fake passport. It's a US passport with a fake name. In fact, her last name matches Anna's (Pak), implying a relationship. “It won't be enough to fool immigration, but by the time we're in the States, we'll be safe.”
    • Anna has a rented bike to return. They catch a songtaew to the airport. [Boring. Stage Direction.] {Thanks, Inner Editor. Now shut up.}

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  1. I like your style! I shall remember the tip on how to handle an inner editor for next time I'm writing.

  2. I've been attempting to let my inner editor come out now that I'm in the editing stage. But since I've suppressed it so long it's making nasty comments instead of being nice to me. It doesn't help.

  3. Glad I could help, fairy.

    Amie, I don't think my inner editor is ever nice, whether I listen to him or not.

  4. hehehe great post!

    best of luck with all your editing, Mr. Editor!


  5. This is so different from what I do. It's interesting to see how other writers get past their perfection block.

  6. This cracks me up -- my inner editor controls me, though I don't let him take notes :)

  7. Myrna: How I deal with the block changes moment to moment (and very often I fail).

    Bane: LOL. I didn't intend to let him take notes. He just kinda snuck in there.

  8. I slip my inner editor a Mai Tai while I'm having fun writing.

    I like the note taking process, though, too. :)

  9. I have to watch my inner editor constantly; but I get tired and lose concentration, and next thing I know, all my notes don't make a lick of sense.

    They weren't that cryptic when I left them all brightly colored in the novel.