Dr. Bananas

— June 08, 2011 (5 comments)
K. Marie Criddle is challenging herself to draw something every day for a year. It has inspired me--no, not to draw every day, are you INSANE? It inspired me to draw for the first time in 6 weeks (gosh, every time I put a sketch up here, it's been months since my last one...maybe I SHOULD draw something every day *slap* *slap* NO! What, are you INSANE???).

(Yeah, okay, maybe a little).

Her first sketch also inspired me to draw something with a gun for an arm, so I'm not being very original here. But then this is what was in my head. You HAVE TO draw what's in your head, right?

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  1. Haha! The expression on his face makes him look like an ally, not a villain. You should totally have Dr. Bananas be a soldier fighting for a good cause in a novel!

  2. Like, like! A million times like!! And I agree with Keri...Dr. Banana looks so awesome yet kind. I want to hug his elbow (and avoid the rest.) I love it!! I want more! JOIN ME ON THE DAILY DRAWING DARK SIDE.

  3. @Keriann: I'm thinking about it. And I always thought of him as a good guy too. Or a mercenary, at least.

  4. Nice!! I like how confident he looks blowing the smoke from his guns (hand). He looks satisfied.