Avenger Pigeons

— August 10, 2012 (9 comments)

These guys came out of a very odd conversation between me and Susan Quinn. Something about a way to get paper copies of her books past Thailand's Swiss cheese postal system -- like armored carrier pigeons.

You've seen Avengers, right? If not, why the heck not?

And if you have, can you please tell Authoress why she needs to see it? (And whether she really needs to see all the movies leading up to it. I vote no, provided she gives me twenty minutes to explain the origins of the four main characters.)

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  1. Pigeons are actually awesome birds all on their own. I used to call them flying rats, but not anymore. I had to research pigeons for my WIP, and I was shocked at their intelligence, speed, and endurance. I am now a Pigeon Proponent.

    The picture is adorable!

  2. I like how The Pidge-Hulk looks like a giant fist coming out of the side of the drawing at first (at least it did to me). Also, I love how Black Pidge-ow is just being a creeper in the background.

  3. The Authoress doesn't need to see all the prequel movies - but she WANTS to watch the Iron Man movies, she just might not realize it yet. Those are just flat-out pure entertainment, and they do make the scenes in The Avengers with Iron Man/Tony Stark that much better.
    Definitely skip Thor. Anthony Hopkins, Idris Elba, and Tom Hiddleston all turn in great performances, and it still sucked.

  4. All I've seen is Iron Man.

    But I would watch Avenger Pigeons.

  5. I didn't see any of the prequel movies before seeing The Avengers, and nobody sat me down to explain the origins of anybody, but I still really enjoyed The Avengers. The dialogue is clever and funny and there were some pretty cool-looking shots and action scenes. (There isn't a lot more to the movie than that, but I think that's plenty for a feel-good superhero flick :P)

    Although I have to say, I adored Iron Man/Tony Stark when I watched The Avengers and was like OMG I HAVE TO WATCH IRON MAN 1 & 2 HE IS SO AWESOME! Only to be not as impressed by the Tony Stark in those movies. So one reason to watch Iron Man 1 & 2 before Avengers might be so you can enjoy them properly. I also watched Thor eventually and that was such a painful experience I wish I had used that time to sleep instead (I was on a plane; choices were limited!).

  6. Love their expressions, especially Iron Pigeon's. Hahahahaha! He actually looks like he'd get the mail through. Pigeon America would lose it.

    She should watch Avengers and the Avatar: The Last Airbender series (Isn't that another one she hasn't seen? Maybe I'm mixing up the Twitter convos that I eavesdropped on.). But she should never watch the movie based on the TV show. Ever. I can't believe they had Jasper (the constipated vampire) play Sokka.

  7. The Return of Iron Man Pigeon! Ok, I'm back on the interwebs now, and look what awesome greets me. :)