Torment Beta is going live

As you read this, either the Torment Beta is live or it will be very soon. A few thousand of our backers (everyone who pledged for it) will get to play the opening and first major location in the game I've been working on for over three years.

Better than that, the Beta will go public on Steam Early Access next week. Anyone -- even you -- can see what I've been working on, and why I haven't talked much about writing (or anything really), for so long.

Am I excited? You bet. I love creating, and I hate not being able to show people what I'm creating. It's about time.

Am I scared? Not as much as you might think. I was scared before the Alpha Systems Tests went out, because Torment is not a typical RPG, and I wasn't sure what people would think of it. But the Alpha backers got it. They read thousands of words, made tough decisions, and they got it.

The Beta has its rough edges that I'm sure we'll get comments on, but the stuff that really makes it Torment -- the art, the writing, the characters, the choices -- that's the stuff I'm least worried about. It's all in there. A lot of the remaining work is prettying up the package.

So, yeah, if you want to see what I've been working on all this time, check out the Steam Early Access release next week. Or, if you can't wait -- or you're not sure whether epic reading, tough choices, and dying Earth fantasy is your thing -- then watch this video, where my boss Brian Fargo and colleague George Ziets play through the first hour of the Beta. Enjoy.


Susan Kaye Quinn said...

I was telling my boys about your game going live yesterday - Mighty Mite wanted to know what it was about, so I told him the basics. His opinion? "Cool!" Now I'm sure he wants to play it. For reference, how kid-friendly is Torment? I originally snagged a copy because I figured by the time it came out Worm Burner would be 14-15 and ready to play. But what about a 12year old? Thoughts?

Adam Heine said...

I can't speak for your own kids, but Torment has some language, adult themes, and gory descriptions. Most of it's in text, not shown on the screen.

MattyDub said...

As a backer, I choose to wait for the full game. I am excited the beta is coming out though! That makes the full game that much closer!

Adam Heine said...

We're getting there. We can see the end from here!