Want a free story of mine?

Want to read a free fantasy story of mine? One you've never read before? I have one for you.

There's a string: you gotta sign up for my mailing list.

But hold on, because there's a better string attached to that string. Once you're on that mailing list, you'll be notified the moment there's new Adam Heine fiction to read.

And there will be new fiction to read. I can't officially say much yet, but you may recall me hinting about a novella? It's coming. Maybe more than that is coming. We'll see!

If you want to know when I've got something new out, or you want to read a new fantasy story, or you just like to sign up for stuff, then sign up for the mailing list now!


MattyDub said...

OK, I signed up; are you going to email the story? Or...?

MattyDub said...

OOOOOHHHHHH it just comes after you confirm. I am too impatient. Yoda would have the worst time training me.

Adam Heine said...

I'm glad to know it worked!