Works in Progress

All titles are working titles unless otherwise specified.

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Sea of Souls

STATUS: World-building and plotting

Secret Middle Grade Fantasy Project

STATUS: Drafting

Post-Apocalyptic Dragon-Riding Ninjas (with Mechs!)
An assassin, on the run from his clan, works together with a young con-artist to rob a tyrannical land baron. If they fail, rebellion will drop the kingdom into civil war and anarchy. But the baron is clever, and the clan is still hot on the assassin's trail.

STATUS: Out of my hands for now

Like Evangelion, except it makes sense.

STATUS: Drafting (after previous projects)

Air Pirates
The bravest thing Hagai's ever done is put peppers in his stew, but when he receives a seeing stone from his supposedly-dead mother, he joins a crew of air pirates to find her. With the Imperial Navy and the world's most ruthless pirate on his tail, Hagai has to figure out how to change the future before the stone's vision comes true and he loses his mother. Again.

STATUS: Serious revisions (after previous projects)